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Learn how to battle in the Pokémon trading card game at our interactive Pokémon Workshop! Our Pokémon professionals will teach new players the fundamental rules and strategy behind the popular card game.



Build your deck from the cards you get out of only 4 booster packs! It sounds tough, and it can be! Draft is an incredibly fun way to play Pokémon. Every player is at a unique disadvantage and is forced to improvise. You get to practice deckbuilding, add new cards to your collection, and have a great time playing strange deck constructions against your opponents. Perfect to meet other players and have a great Friday night!


Every Wednesday from 6:00pm to 8:30, we like to open up our tables to videogame and card game players alike. All ages, and all Pokemon, we give you this time to mingle with other Pokemon, battle eachother, and trade cards!

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